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Tiny mom with chunky twin babies has TikTok saying 'aww,' and also, 'whoa'

The sisters, who were born in March, are happy and healthy.

Alexis LaRue and her 7-month-old identical twin daughters, Camila and Elena, grab attention wherever they go.

LaRue is 5-foot-3 and 105 pounds, while her babies weigh nearly 21 pounds each and are in the 98th percentile for height.

“No one believes they’re mine!” LaRue, 22, told TODAY Parents.

Last month, LaRue, who shares Camila and Elena with her fiancé, Leo Mejia, posted a TikTok video of herself holding both girls with one arm. LaRue had seen an influencer do it and wanted to try it herself. But executing the move was harder than she expected.

In the clip, which has more than 48 million views, LaRue is shown out of breath and laughing.

“I don’t know if I’m just weak, or my babies are just chunky,” she says.

The Minnesota-based mom has since shared more adorable footage of her infants — and the internet can’t get enough of their sweet faces. Most of the comments are kind, but not all.

“Some people say things like, ‘Oh, they’re gonna be NFL players,’ and ‘together they weigh more than you,’ or ‘stop feeding them so much,’ but I don’t let it get to me,” LaRue explained. “They’re getting just the right amount of milk. They’re happy and healthy and that's all that matters. Some people just have big babies!"

LaRue noted that because she’s so petite, Camila and Elena look even larger. When their 5-foot-11 dad holds them, it’s not as noticeable.

The twins were born in March weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and 6 pounds, 7 ounces. They've since tripled in size.

"What can I say?" LaRue quipped. "They're fast growers!"

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