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Yowza! The new Time magazine cover -- you know, the one all over your Facebook newsfeed and/or e-mail inbox -- has moms everywhere talking, sharing, commenting and, inevitably, judging. In any case, we're paying attention now.

Especially me, because today happens to be the day I officially stop breastfeeding my 9-month-old. I have mixed feelings about this -- on the one hand, I was able to get dressed for work today without considering the easy-access factor of my shirt. On the other hand, sniff, I already kind of miss it.

It's a bold move to breast-feed a toddler in today's judgmental society, and it's the ultimate bold move to do it on the cover of Time magazine. That's a real mom with her real kid. And the mom, 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet, will be on TODAY Friday morning to talk about it.

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Wondering how she's taking all of this attention? On her Twitter account, anyway, she's reacting just as anyone else would: "Oh my gosh! Aram and I are on the cover of @timemagazine"

And once you get past that provocative cover, the story raises the familiar topic of attachment parenting with a profile of Dr. William Sears, along with some pictures of real moms who follow the attachment parenting philosophy of baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and yes, extended nursing.

We know you have opinions about the cover. Sure, it got everyone's attention, but does it ultimately hurt or help the perception of breast-feeding? 

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