TIME's breast-feeding cover mom has no regrets

The May 21, 2012 cover of Time magazine took a provocative approach to the topic of attachment parenting and extended breast-feeding.

Jamie Lynne Grumet became a cover girl this year without ever setting foot on a catwalk.

The infamous pose she struck in May for TIME Magazine, standing hand on hip while she breast-fed her 3-year-old son as he stood on a chair, landed her as much publicity as any supermodel.

After the cover was revealed, Grumet, 26, defended her choice to pose that way in an interview on the TODAY show, saying "We knew exactly what we were getting into."

When caught up with Grumet seven months later, she said she still feels no regrets about posing for TIME, but feels disappointed that the photo – and its provocative “Are You Mom Enough” tagline – overshadowed the story inside on attachment parenting.

“Any photo is suggestive, so it’s up for interpretation. That’s just the way it goes," the Los Angeles-based mother of two told "I’m more upset that people in the media have said that I regretted it, or that I was manipulated."

For the record, she no longer breast-feeds Aram, now 4. "He's done," she said with a laugh.

Today, Grumet works primarily on home-schooling her two boys and on her charity, the Fayye Foundation, which helps mothers and women in Ethiopia. Click here to read more about her story.