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Tim McGraw recalls getting emotional while dropping off his daughter in Los Angeles: ‘I lost it’

It was an emotional moment that all parents can relate to.

Watching your child move out and start their own life is never easy. Just ask Tim McGraw.

The country singer, 55, recalls how he felt while helping his eldest daughter, Gracie, 25, move to California. The father of three appeared on Audacy’s "Rob + Holly" podcast on March 13 and admitted that it was “tough at first” to let his little girl go.

“It’s always harder on mom than it is on dad, I think, but there were a lot of tears,” he said. 

McGraw, who also has two other daughters — Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 21 — with his wife Faith Hill, went on to share the sweet story.

“I drove my daughter to L.A. when she moved out there, I drove cross-country with her. I took all the seats out of my Cadillac Escalade and loaded it up with all of her stuff,” he said.

It was a special bonding experience for the father-daughter duo, but it didn't come without its fair share of challenges.

“When I dropped her off, I just lost it,” he said. “And then I had to drive home all by myself. I was crying the whole time.”

McGraw's newest album will even include a new song about the emotional moment.

"I called (my guitar player Bob Minner) when I was driving back from dropping Gracie off and was just having sort of a heart-to-heart about dropping my daughter off," he explained.

Gracie seems to be following in her parents' musical footsteps and showed off her vocal skills on Instagram last summer as she sang a song from the Broadway hit "Wicked."

McGraw and Hill's youngest daughter, Audrey, also seems to have inherited her parents' singing skills. She shared an Instagram video of herself in August 2022 performing Pat Benatar’s 1981 hit “Fire and Ice.” In 2021, Audrey also appeared in her dad's music video for the song "7500 OBO" and kissed her male co-star in one scene.

McGraw shared his relatable reaction.

“I’m not going to beat him up,” he said. “I guess I’ll let him slide on this one. It’s not easy for a dad to watch, I can tell you that.”

And McGraw proudly congratulated his daughter Maggie when she earned a master's degree.

“We are so incredibly proud of our Maggie May!!!! She graduated from her Masters program at Stanford University this weekend and what a celebration!!!” McGraw captioned his Instagram post.