Zombie mom's 'Thriller' parody will make you scream... with laughter

The crew of Mombies take a break from creating the Toddler video.
The crew of Mombies take a break from creating the Toddler video.Courtesy of Machel Green

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By Kavita Varma-White

If you’re the mom of a toddler, you’ve likely had a Mombie moment.

It’s that point in the dark of night when your potty-training kid has awoken and you find yourself changing bed sheets, scrubbing the carpet and washing yet another load of “big-kid” underpants.

And it’s a moment that Machel Green of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has delightfully captured in a YouTube video parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, called “Toddler.” Green, a former dancer for a theater production company, sings and dances with eight mom friends.

“We got the idea from the banter at one of our mom's night out [gatherings],” says Green. “Surely we are not the only ones dealing with our toddler night training.”

Green's husband, Jerrad, and 2-year-old son Noah appear in the video, too, along with signs from the Greens' family business, Vintage Marquee Lights. 

Our favorite line?

"Cause this is Toddler... Toddler night. The beast is running from you while you're chasing it with wipes..."

The crew of Mombies take a break from filming 'Toddler.' Today