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These are some strong genes! TODAY fans share pics of strong family resemblances

Can identical twins be born generations a part? Either that or there's been some weird time-travel thing happening lately.
/ Source: TODAY

Can identical twins be born generations apart? Either that or there's been some weird time-travel thing happening lately.

After a Reddit user posted what appears to be look-alike pictures of her mom and herself Monday, the Internet swiftly took notice.

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Shaylybri isn't the only apple that fell close to the tree, though.

TODAY asked readers to share their own photo comparisons of themselves and a relative, and as it turns out, there are plenty of other tree-hugging apples hanging around.

Here are some photos that made us do a double take:

When she graduated from college, Stephanie Frontera Livshin apparently looked like just like mom.

Mom and daughter look-alike photos
Facebook via Stephanie Frontera Livshin

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Megan Wyatt Deweese proves the resemblances often start young. "My daughter on the left at 3.5 years old. Me on the right at 4 years old," she wrote.

Mom and daughter look-alike photo
Facebook via Megan Wyatt Deweese

Megan Herrett's husband and son, each shown at the age of 2, have the same smile, hair and adorable dimples.

father and son look-alikes
Facebook via Megan Herrett

The black-and-white coloring isn't the only similarity between Jessica Curtis and her mom, each at age 7.

mom daughter look-alikes
Facebook via Jessica Curtis

Even in a close-up, Kelly Varner and her mom look extra similar during their high school years.

Mom daughter look-alikes
Facebook via Kelly Varner

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Except for the extra hair on Natalie Tabor McPherson's daughter's head, these two babies could be the same person. McPherson confirms, "Yes, we still look alike."

Mom daughter look-alikes
Facebook via Natalie Tabor McPherson

Gender divides don't matter either when it comes to look-alike relatives. Merci Johnston Bachman and her son look eerily similar when they were each 13 years old.

Mom and son look-alikes
Facebook via Merci Johnston Bachman

And some parents and children look alike always, no matter the age difference.

As Betsy Buisson put it, "Same mouth, eye shape, long face, everything!"

mom and daughter look-alikes
Facebook via Betsy Buisson