These adorable toddlers are so bad at the Mannequin Challenge!

/ Source: TODAY

Have you heard of the "Mannequin Challenge," the latest viral trend making its way around social media? According to a Reddit, the idea is to "take a group of people ... and have them adopt complicated poses like you just froze time. Then you walk around filming it."

Sounds simple enough, right?

Of course, as soon as someone tells you to stand completely still ... your nose gets really itchy, and your hand starts cramping, and you really need to make sure the person next to you isn't moving either.

Especially when you're a toddler.

These little kids took a whack at it with adorably dismal results. Think: shifty eyes, wiggling fingers, and even straight up talking. No judgment, though. We can't make it through the video without giggling either!

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Here's what those little guys and gals can aspire to, if they keep practicing. Courtesy of Adele...

Ellen DeGeneres...

and the Dallas Cowboys!

Believe in your dreams, kids!