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/ Source: TODAY
By Kavita Varma-White

Kelly Clarkson shared this awesome photo on Facebook over the weekend, and we gushed at the cuteness. And while we can't relate to what it's like to prepare for a performance at the iHeart Radio Awards, we do understand the challenges, humor and weird sleeping positions often associated with napping with baby.

We asked TODAY Parents to share their own napping photos on Facebook and are happy to see that we aren't the only ones desperate to get some Zzzzs with our minis. (These photos are meant to show a little snapshot in time and not necessarily the safest sleeping practices, which include always putting babies on their backs to sleep and not using soft bedding, blankets or pillows in the baby's sleeping area. The CPSC website has more safe sleep information. )

Thanks to all who shared photos — we wish you sweet dreams in your near napping future.

1. Running on empty

A few years ago I ran a half marathon {ok let's be serious, by a 'few' I mean 9}, and when I crossed the finish line they handed me a shiny medal. Being a new mom feels like I'm running a full marathon every day...and as I army crawl to the bedtime finish line, I can't help but wonder where my medal is!! My mom says mothers will get their medals in heaven. For now, I occasionally have this tiny little arm slung around my neck and that will suffice.Shana Joseph

2. No room at the inn

It's hard to take a nap when your bed is full! No room for mom:)Christine Anderson Skluzacek

3. Elbow room

When you wake up with a kids elbow in your face. #mommyproblemsJennifer Smith

4. Like mother, like daughter

My little love, Alexandra now 4.5 weeks. I wish she slept this well all the time!Katie Gill Armstrong

5. Double trouble

Daddy fell asleep too!Cindy Rohwedder

6. Not so sleepy

At 13 days old, he was already refusing sleep... I should have known he was going to be a challenging baby!Rosellen 'Petrillo' Miller

7. Makes some room, mom

This is how we usually take naps...LOL.Katie Seamon

8. Nap? What nap?

Someone's not so tired...Ashley Nicole Schindel

9. Cozy with dad

Snuggling at 6 days old. The last time we really slept in 2 years!Jennifer Palmer Thomspon