Is Thanksgiving stressful? Tell us about it in this poll!

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Before we give thanks, let us give stress.

"Oh yes, grandpa, let's talk about Obama's birth certificate again. How delightful!"Getty Images stock

Yes, Thanksgiving can be a beautiful, joyous occasion that brings together family and friends to celebrate and practice gratitude for our many blessings. It can also be a chaotic, pressure-filled day bringing you together with relatives who can't wait to tell you EXACTLY what they think of little Jack still using his pacifier or Madelyn's purple hair.

Before we get into the full swing of the holidays, TODAY Parents wants to find out what the most stressful parts of the holidays are for our readers. (And then, hopefully, we can all help each other de-stress.)

Please take our survey and let TODAY know which parts of the holidays give you angst.

Thanks for taking our survey... now let's get through Halloween first!