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See a mom reunite with baby quadruplets after being separated by Texas storm

“It was absolutely brutal, that feeling that you can’t get to your kids."
/ Source: TODAY

When Starlyn and Bill Cafferata, who welcomed quadruplets last month, heard that Texas was expecting some snow, they weren’t concerned. Both Starlyn and Bill grew up in New Jersey, where winter blizzards are par for the course.

“Bad weather doesn’t scare us,” Bill, 37, told TODAY Parents.

Little did the Austin-based couple know that millions of people in the Lone Star State would be left stranded in freezing homes with limited or no access to electricity and heat.

The Cafferata quadruplets were born in Texas on Jan. 18.Courtesy Bill Cafferata

At the time, all four babies were more than 40 miles away in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, where Starlyn works as a pediatric emergency room nurse.

“The roads weren’t drivable,” Bill, a realtor, said. “I pulled my truck out of the driveway and got stuck for three hours. It was just a frozen ice wreck.”

But Bill and Starlyn never imagined they would go eight full days without seeing daughters Lennon, Stella, and Francesca, and son Enzo.

“It was absolutely brutal, that feeling that you can’t get to your kids,” Starlyn revealed. “The nurses and staff were incredible, FaceTiming us and calling. But not being able to hold them was brutal.”

When Starlyn was finally able to visit with her little ones after more than a week, she burst into tears of relief. The reunion that was filmed by Bill is now going viral on TikTok with more than 19 million views.

Starlyn, who showed up with 300 ounces of pumped breast milk, couldn’t believe how much the quadruplets had grown. All four currently weigh more than five pounds.

“They looked so different — they were bigger,” Starlyn said. “It was super emotional for me.”

Starlyn Cafferata delivered her quadruplets at 31 weeks, 3 days, gestation.Courtesy Bill Cafferata

Francesca and Lennon are now home with big sister Zoe, 2. Starlyn and Bill are hopeful that Stella and Enzo will join them soon.

“They’re healthy, it’s just a matter of how much volume they’re eating,” Bill explained, joking that “the other two monsters chug bottles and then throw them across the room.”

Starlyn and Bill plan to keep sharing videos on TikTok.

“Social media is a cesspool most of the time,” Bill said. “People are looking for positive, uplifting stories.”

“And cute babies!” Starlyn added.