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Teacher busts out throwback dance moves, becomes viral sensation

This video is bringing the internet much joy.
Austin LeMay didn't hesitate to join his students.
Austin LeMay didn't hesitate to join his students.tenayas_msjenny / Tiktok
/ Source: TODAY

One California teacher is serving up Ted Lasso vibes with his joyful dance moves.

In a video that has more than 30 million views on TikTok, Austin LeMay, a faculty member at Fresno’s Tenaya Middle School, is seen teaching his students how to do the jerk. The 7th and 8th graders erupt into cheers as soon as LeMay struts onto the courtyard with one hand on his hip.

“Every Friday we have these rallies and play music in the quad during lunch,” LeMay, 30, told TODAY Parents.

California teacher Austin LeMay is going viral for his dance moves.
California teacher Austin LeMay is going viral for his dance moves.tenayas_msjenny / Tiktok

It's a tradition that LeMay and the school principal introduced a few years back to boost morale and bring everyone together before the weekend.

“When we first started doing it, the kids sort of rolled their eyes. But now it’s something that everyone looks forward to. They send me song requests," he explained.

LeMay said he didn’t hesitate to jump into the circle last week when “You’re a Jerk” started playing. He knows all the choreography to the 2009 hit by hip-hop group New Boyz. 

“It’s my song,” LeMay explained. “And I have no problem getting up there and making a fool out of myself. I’d rather have them laugh at me than laugh at each other.” 

LeMay added that he used to coach high school football and was known to do the jerk in the locker room after a win.

"I'm sort of a one trick pony," he joked.

LeMay showed his students how to do the jerk."
LeMay showed his students how to do the jerk."tenayas_msjenny / Tiktok

LaMay is humble, noting that he’s “not Teacher of the Year-worthy or anything like that.” But it's clear that his students adore him.

“Mr. LeMay has brought such a positive energy to our campus,” school counselor Jenny McCauley, who filmed the clip, told TODAY Parents. “It’s been amazing to watch the students interact and respond to that energy.”

Now, former students, strangers and everyone in between are responding to LeMay’s energy thanks to the internet.

“We must protect him!!! What a fun teacher,” wrote one person in the comments.

Added another, “He truly got the assignment!”