Teen who sued parents accepts college spot

Bob Karp / Today
High school senior Rachel Canning, who sued her parents for college tuition costs, has picked a school that reportedly gave her a $56,000 scholarship.

The New Jersey teenager who sued her parents for financial support after leaving home plans to move up north for school.

Rachel Canning, 18, revealed on social media that she plans to study biomedical engineering this fall at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass.

"Decision made. WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ scholarship," she wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend that has since been taken down, according to the Daily Record

Bob Karp / Today
Canning, during a March court appearance in her lawsuit against her parents

Barbara Moffat, vice president for marketing and external affairs for Western New England, told that state and federal privacy laws prohibit the school from revealing any information about current or prospective applicants.

She said the school does offer freshmen merit scholarships ranging from $5,500 to $16,500 per year — or $22,000 to $66,000 over the course of four years. Each scholarship can be renewed annually if the recipient maintains specific academic benchmarks.

"We would never be able to give anyone a full ride," Moffat said.  

Tuition, room, board and academic fees vary upon the academic program but for a full-time engineering student during the 2014-15 academic year, the costs would total $47,560, she said.

Canning drew widespread attention after she moved out of her parents' home last fall and sued them for living expenses and tuition costs related to the private high school she attends. She also sought money for college expenses in the fall.

Canning claimed she was verbally and physically abused by her parents, whom she alleged kicked her out of their home. However, her parents said their daughter left because she refused to abide by their curfew and other house rules. Canning moved in with a friend whose parents bankrolled her lawsuit.

Last month, Canning moved back in with her parents and dropped her lawsuit against them. The reconciliation came shortly after a New Jersey judge denied her request for emergency child support, saying he didn't want to establish a precedent "where parents live in constant fear of establishing basic rules of the house."

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