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This teen refused to be left out of the promposal fun, so she asked herself

No prom? No date? No problem -- at least, not for one high-school junior.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Lily Bilgrey is not letting little details like the lack of a date — or even the lack of a prom — keep her from joining in on "promposal" fun this spring. Promposals are the growing trend of asking dates to prom in elaborate, over-the-top acts involving cute puns or gifts, and documenting the events on social media.

The 17-year-old high school junior from Freehold Township, New Jersey, attends tiny SciCore Academy in nearby Hightstown. Because her high school only has 20 students, they don't have a prom of their own, Bilgrey explained to TODAY Parents.

She had hoped her friends at nearby Freehold Township High School would ask her to go to their prom, but when none did, Bilgrey took matters into her own hands. "I didn't want to miss the experience of getting an elaborate promposal, so I promposed to myself!" she said.

The teen enlisted her mom to take pictures for her, which she then posted on Instagram and Twitter. In the first picture, she's holding up a poster that exclaims, "You can't spell memes without ME." In the second, she is holding her hands over her mouth as if reacting to the promposal in delighted surprise. Then in the third picture, with the help of some Photoshop magic, Bilgrey stands with her arm around herself, holding the poster. Promposal accepted.

"My mom thought it was a little silly, but I've been teaching her the promposal culture and meme scene, so she's become quite supportive!" said Bilgrey.

Bilgrey's post has garnered over 850 likes on her own account, and it also caught the attention of popular Instagram account the.promposals, where fans submit photos of all kinds of promposals. There, Bilgrey's picture has over 6,300 likes.

Despite the fun of creating her own promposal, Bilgrey admitted she has mixed feelings about the growing trend. "In some ways, I like them," she said. "I think some of them are super fun and creative.

"But there's a part of me that feels bad for those who don't get asked in an elaborate way," she said. "If you want to ask someone, do it because you want to have a good time with that person, not because you want to have the most elaborate promposal."

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Bilgrey still hasn't been asked to a prom, though she said she still hopes to get her chance someday. In the meantime, she has a message to send to her peers who do have the chance to go to prom this year.

"I just want to say to anyone who is hesitant about going to the prom because they didn't get an elaborate promposal or didn't get asked, just go and have fun!" she said. "It's not about the promposal or the person you go with — it's about enjoying yourself and passing a milestone of high school life!"