Team spirit! 13 low-cost, funny DIY Halloween costumes for families

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When the family coordinates their Halloween costumes together, it only magnifies the holiday fun. Whether your brood is small or big, whether the kids are young or old, these 13 ideas for family Halloween costumes are DIY-able and wallet-friendly — not to mention Instagram gold!

1. S’mores


Use cardboard boxes as graham crackers, pillows as marshmallows, and put them together with a cardboard chocolate bar for a downright delicious family Halloween costume idea from Cheerios & Lattes.

2. Care Bears

No-Sew Care Bear

You won’t find a family Halloween costume that’s comfier — or warmer! — than See Vanessa Craft’s take on colorful Care Bears.

3. Where’s Waldo

Attach pompoms to a few dollar store hats, layer on the stripes — and you have a family of Waldos easily spotted at any party. Say Yes has the inspiration.

4. Dalmatian family

Whip up this costume idea from Everyday Art in a flash, because painting irregular spots makes it even cuter than poring over perfection.

5. Caveman family

Sew lengths of faux fur to create varying tattered pelt-like looks for the whole family. Andrea’s Notebook has the how-to.

6. Bees and beekeeper

DIT family costume. Beekeeper, two adorable bumblebees, and a

It’s a snap to make sweet and feminine bee costumes for the kids using black and yellow tulle thanks to Do It Yourself Divas’ DIY.

7. Band of pirates

Cut up basic T-shirts and add red fabric sashes to make pirate costumes for the whole family. Harvard Homemaker has the how-to.

8. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

Peter Pan and the Lost

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, grab a bunch of fleece fabric and whip up A Beautiful Mess’s imaginative take on a Peter Pan theme.

9. Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks and the Three

Papier-mâché-covered balloons form the basis for the bears’ heads in this second tutorial from A Beautiful Mess — a Halloween party showstopper.

10. Incredibles

Red T-shirts, black turtlenecks and some strategic felt make for incredible "Incredibles" costumes in this DIY creation from Life Out of Bounds.

11. Muppets

Muppets Halloween

Meaningful Mama made a whole family of Muppets using tagboard, felt, a paper lantern and a healthy dose of creativity.

12. ‘Star Wars’ characters

Get siblings in on the act as Luke, Obi Wan and Leia with a straightforward sewing project from Molly Sews.

13. Minions

Yellow hooded sweatshirts and overalls are the basis for One Creative Housewife’s costume that uses felt and pipe cleaners to complete an easy Minions effect.

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