Teachers channel boy band One Direction to boost student morale

Jordan Hein and Mitchell Brachmann are mild-mannered educators by day, but get them in front of a camera and it’s a whole different story.

For the second year in a row, Hein and Brachmann – who teach at Union Grove High School in Union Grove, Wis. -- have released a parody music video to welcome their students back to school, with the newest project, titled “That's What Makes School Beautiful,” set to the music of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Hein said the idea came to him in a dream.

"I woke up and I think I was laughing and my wife was looking at me like I was going crazy or something," Hein told NBC affiliate TODAY'S TMJ4 in Milwaukee, adding the goal was to inspire students.

"If we can get kids really excited for school and empower them to take control of their own education then that's going to make it a lot easier for us as teachers once we're in school."

The teachers spent several hours coming up with just the right lyrics and shot nine hours of footage, which was condensed to about four minutes, according to the station. 

Students from the school participated in the video, but it’s Hein and Brachmann who are the stars, frolicking on the beach, showing off dance moves inside the school and generally mugging for the camera.

Here is a taste of their lyrics:

You look so bored, don't know what for

Look so depressed when you walk through the door.

It might be tough to cheer you up.

We hope these words that we sing are enough.

Everyone else in our school can see it, everyone else but you...

Maybe you can change the world like nobody else

All of this knowledge and fun gets you overwhelmed

and when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell

you don't know oh oh

You don't know school’s beautiful oh oh oh

You don't know school’s beautiful

Posted online last week, the video has already been a hit among students.

"Everyone just kept retweeting it and sharing it around," said Ashley Paulick, a senior, told TODAY'S TMJ4.

Hein, who teaches health and physical education, and Brachmann, who teaches science, also impressed their pupils last year with a video titled “In My Class,” which was set to music from Jason Derulo’s “In My Head.”