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Teacher writes to Tooth Fairy to find student's lost tooth

When a first grader lost her tooth, teacher Laura Roth knew exactly who to ask for help.
Laura Roth / Laura Roth
/ Source: TODAY

Many teachers go above and beyond when it comes to their students — but elementary school teacher Laura Roth went to a whole new level last week in the case of a missing tooth.

First-grader Lily had lost a tooth — but accidentally threw it out at lunch that afternoon. Worried that the Tooth Fairy would pass her by, she went to her teacher for help.

Laura Roth / Laura Roth

"I wrote a letter, saying my word would cover it," said Roth, who teaches at Burchfield Elementary School in Pennsylvania. While Lily was excited, this wasn't the first time the teacher had done this sort of thing. She guessed it was the third time this year alone. "It happens all the time at any elementary school, anywhere."

The signed and dated letter was sent home with Lily, telling the Tooth Fairy that any follow-up questions could be addressed to Mrs. Roth.

Laura Roth / Laura Roth

A Tweet from the assistant superintendent of the district garnered even more popular attention for the teacher.

"This is the kind of thing teachers do all the time... great teacher/great person," wrote one user.

"#MissRoth is the MVP!" wrote another, while a third called her the kind of "sweet, considerate teacher every child needs at least once in his or her schooling!"

Luckily for Lily, the letter worked — and she woke up to a new note, this one from the Tooth Fairy herself, signed in blue sparkles and wishing the first-grader a happy birthday.

"She was excited that the Tooth Fairy came," said Roth. "She was talking about the note she got back, and since all the local news stations were talking about it, she was excited that they were talking about her losing her tooth."

Roth says it's the "best feeling" to see her students excited and happy.

"I always want all of my students to know how special and important I think they are," she said. "I love that Lily is getting the attention she deserves!"