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Teacher's hilarious, adorable preschool booty-balloon wiping lesson goes viral

It's an important and adorable hygiene lesson.
The hilarious video shows a lesson that a lot of parents can relate to.
The hilarious video shows a lesson that a lot of parents can relate to. Getty Images

A clever preschool lesson is going viral, and it's number one — not number two — in our hearts.

Parents who have suffered through wiping woes are applauding a video on Twitter that shows a teacher with two inflated balloons tied to the back of a chair, in front of a classroom of kids with the same set-up.

The teacher, who is not identified, uses the booty-shaped balloons to show students the all-important front-to-back wiping technique. Some on social media are praising the teacher's ingenuity, while also wishing they'd thought of it.

Former NFL player Jermon Bushrod was among the users to share the video, writing that he didn't "remember this lesson in class."

"They need to add this to some people's driving test before they can get their driver's license," wrote another poster.

Plenty of parents said they'd love to see a lesson like this in their own schools.

"I've had to have this talk... minus the balloons.. with both of my kids," tweeted one. "Maybe the balloons would have made it easier for my youngest."

"I have a 4-year-old and (an) 8-year-old niece who both barely even wipe as is!!" added another. "No matter how much we talk to them!"

Some users suggested that the lesson was inappropriate for the classroom and should be a parent's responsibility, but others pointed out that the teacher must have her reasons.

"Y'all know damn well little kids BARELY EVER wipe correctly," wrote one user. "Add on that they probably listen to their teacher more than they listen to their parent(s); this is a great idea."