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Teacher instructs 3rd-graders how to email and the results are hilarious

Faced with a two-week school closure due to coronavirus, a Chicago teacher instructed his students on how to email for the first time ever.
/ Source: TODAY

Coronavirus has turned the lives of kids across the world upside down, but one third-grade teacher in Chicago is sharing a little bit of humor that came out of the classroom since school has been cancelled.

A third-grade teacher showed students how to use email so they could continue their lessons from home and their first attempts at electronic communication were too cute not to share.

"so we are closing my school for 2 weeks and it’s been really stressful, but the highlight was teaching my 3rd graders how to email so they can email me questions & I got these throughout the day," the teacher shared, posting screen shots of the cute emails with the students' names removed from them.

"how are you hope you are ok" read one student's message, while another child opted to click send on a series of many different and perhaps conflicting emojis.

Twitter users thought the post was hilarious, and many commentators could relate to how little kids use technology. "those emojis are modern day hieroglyphics," wrote one poster, referring to the seemingly unrelated emoji faces that ran the gamut from laughing to angry to a British guardsman.

Another student used the word "nothing" as a subject line and testing out those email skills started with a simple message: "hi"

"Omg they email like boomers but it’s actually cute," wrote a Twitter commentator, mocking the way many older adults struggle to incorporate technology as well.

Another person tweeted, "Email subject: 'nothing' 😩 will be using (that) for all future work emails."

"We set up Google Classroom accounts for all of our students and that's how we are going to be communicating with them while we are home," the teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, told TODAY. "It took a lot of patience to show them how to use it!"

Yet another one of his students put the subject line as "bean" in reference to the teacher's pet chihuahua, who they have not met but hear stories about all the time in the classroom.

"how is bean doing? miss you!" emailed the concerned student.

From there, Twitter went crazy with users needing to know how the dog was handling the crisis.

"Bean is doing GREAT!" the teacher posted, along with a reminder to "adopt, don't shop" if looking for a pet.

When asked how the students were reacting to the pandemic, the teacher said that they had varied reactions. "Our students reacted in a lot of ways-- some were scared for their grandparents, some were excited for no school," he shared. "Third grade is a weird age because they are finally understanding their place in the world. We do a lot of work in our school to make them active citizens in their community to make a difference!"

Since the tweet with the kids' cute responses has gotten such a big reaction, with over 100K interacting with it, the teacher hopes some good will come out of all the attention.

"I originally showed some friends the emails and they said it was too cute not to share and a breathe of fresh air from all the scary stuff online," he said. "The response is wild... I've seen a lot of people say they want to get into education because of the cuteness of the emails which is so very nice to hear."