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Teacher creates Instagram account for all the funny, cute, wise things kids say

When children say cute, funny or wise things, one New York City teacher is doing more than listening; she's sharing them on Instagram.
/ Source: TODAY

There are many important aspects of life to discuss when you’re a kid. For instance, “How does the tooth fairy get in if the window is closed?” or “I always name my fruit snacks,” and “Carpet is just a lot of little hairs.”

When children say such cute, funny or wise things, one New York City teacher is doing more than listening.

He or she — the person declined to reveal any other details about their identity — is sharing kids' observations of the world on “Live From Snack Time,” an Instagram account with accompanying versions on Facebook and Twitter.

"Through teaching I keep learning how honest and genuine children really are. Their questions and comments are coming from a curious place," the teacher wrote in an email to TODAY Parents.

"I take these kiddie comments and questions very seriously, as these kids are trying to figure out the world around them."

The project began in the spring of 2014, after a memorable geometry lesson about lines of symmetry.

"I asked the students to reflect on what they learned that day. One child raised his hand and said, 'My butt has a line of symmetry,'" the teacher recalled.

"I really appreciate these moments; I love how students find their own ways break down and store information. The way they think out loud and interpret material is fascinating, real, and authentic."

The Twitter account began that night. The Instagram account followed last November.

The teacher currently instructs second grade students. Funny moments abound: The teacher recently told the kids to get ready to learn by saying "Glue your bottoms to your chair and put your eyes on me!" Moments later, a boy was sitting on the floor squeezing a glue bottle all over his seat.

A friend helps the teacher pick the best quotes and pair them with photos on the Instagram account to make them "come to life," the teacher said.

Memorable quotes can sometimes come from a poignant place.

"I try not to assume I know what (kids) are thinking," the teacher noted.

"Recently, a student bit his tongue and I thought he was crying because of the pain but he was actually scared and disappointed. He said, 'My taste buds will never grow back and I’ll miss chocolate!' I always try to talk through these situations."

Families can submit their own favorites and most of the kid quotes are submissions at the point, the teacher said.

Choosing the quotes "is a blast," the teacher said.

The teacher encourages adults to be straightforward with kids and choose their words carefully: "Kids believe every word we say, they are learning every second of the day!"