Taye Diggs talks writing a book for his biracial son, 'Mixed Me!'

Taye Diggs isn't a dad who only says he loves his son Walker. He puts that love into words — some on paper, and some on his body.

That's how he came to write his second book, "Mixed Me!" which was "inspired" by the 6-year-old, who is of mixed race (his mom is singer/actress Idina Menzel). "His mom's is vanilla and I'm dark chocolate," grinned Diggs during his visit to TODAY Monday. "I just wanted to write a little something that touched on their experiences."

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Diggs himself isn't of mixed race, but says his cousin is. "People weren't as comfortable with who they were [when he was growing up] and standing up for where they came from," he said.

He also wears his love for his son on his sleeve, or rather, his left arm — it's covered in Walker-themed tattoos, including the boy's name, some dinosaur drawings, and the scrawled words "I love Daddy."

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Diggs confessed he didn't want any tattoos that would take too long to apply, though: "I'm a little bit of a sissy," he grinned.

Meanwhile, he says he loves reading "Mixed Me!" to Walker. "Then he tells me which pages to repeat!" he said.


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