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Taye Diggs talks writing a book for his biracial son, 'Mixed Me!'

The actor puts his words into action when it comes to his son, penning "Mixed Me!" and covering his arm in tattoos.
/ Source: TODAY

Taye Diggs isn't a dad who only says he loves his son Walker. He puts that love into words — some on paper, and some on his body.

That's how he came to write his second book, "Mixed Me!" which was "inspired" by the 6-year-old, who is of mixed race (his mom is singer/actress Idina Menzel). "His mom's is vanilla and I'm dark chocolate," grinned Diggs during his visit to TODAY Monday. "I just wanted to write a little something that touched on their experiences."

Diggs himself isn't of mixed race, but says his cousin is. "People weren't as comfortable with who they were [when he was growing up] and standing up for where they came from," he said.

He also wears his love for his son on his sleeve, or rather, his left arm — it's covered in Walker-themed tattoos, including the boy's name, some dinosaur drawings, and the scrawled words "I love Daddy."

Diggs confessed he didn't want any tattoos that would take too long to apply, though: "I'm a little bit of a sissy," he grinned.

Meanwhile, he says he loves reading "Mixed Me!" to Walker. "Then he tells me which pages to repeat!" he said.

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