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Target hits the bullseye with policy allowing moms to breastfeed 'wherever'

Mothers can feel comfortable breastfeeding their babies anywhere in the retailer's stores.
/ Source: TODAY

Last week a Texas mom who was breastfeeding her 10-month-old son at a local pool was asked to cover up while she nursed. When she refused, police escorted her from the pool. Stories about moms being shamed or punished for breastfeeding their babies in public are common — but Target is taking a different approach, and a picture about the retailer's inclusive policy has gone viral.

“At Target, you are free to nurse wherever and whenever you like while you shop because we think #momsrock. But, if you would like a comfy (or more private) spot to nurse or change a diaper, please ask our Fitting Room Attendant about our Nursing Room!” reads the sign, which was shared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

The nursing room provides “some free goodies” and some peace and quiet to moms who crave it. The post has been shared almost 50,000 times with more than 38,000 people reacting to it. Moms flooded the comments with memories of times they needed to breastfeed at Target.

“I had a lady once harass me in the food court at Target. She went to get a manager. And the manager ended up asking her to leave and gave me a free drink,” one mom wrote. “That simple gesture made my year.”

Another shared: “I nursed in the outdoor furniture section, and had a couple staff members make sure I was comfortable.”

One mom shared her less than positive experience at her local store: “A Target employee directed me to the restroom on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, another mom had an entirely different take on Target and breastfeeding. “Target is where I go to get a break from the kids,” she wrote.

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Target shared a statement with NBC News that reinforced its breastfeeding policy at all its stores: “Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so.”

During the 3rd Hour of TODAY, TODAY anchors discussed the sign. Both Al Roker and Craig Melvin joked that they were excited for it because of the free snacks provided in the nursing room.

Dylan Dreyer noted that having a private area makes a huge difference to breastfeeding moms.

“Have I breastfed in public? Yes, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to do in the world,” she said, adding that it's great “to have a nice little place, especially ... when you’re running errands and you just need a place to do your business.”