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'Queer Eye' star Tan France reveals the one 'dad style' staple he can't resist

Tan France talks about fatherhood, dad style, and hints about his baby's name in new interview with TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

It's almost go time for "Queer Eye" star Tan France and husband Rob, who are expecting their baby boy via surrogate this summer. And the dad-to-be is eagerly anticipating fatherhood. In fact, being a dad has been France's goal all along.

"It's the thing I've wanted the most in my life since I was very very young," France told TODAY Parents, adding that the couple discussed baby names on one of their very first dates.

"I've always had a name in mind that I wanted to call my child. Thankfully Rob loves the name also. It's an Abrahamic name, which means its Biblical, Jewish, Muslim, all of those."

France told TODAY that he comes from a big family, and always knew he wanted kids of his own, but work and life seemed to get in the way.

"We've known for quite a few years, it just wasn't the right time," he said, adding that the couple also faced the financial burden of surrogacy before "Queer Eye" took off.

The couple plans to lean into France's upbringing in more ways than one.

"My child will be raised in a very South Asian way, even though my husband is very Caucasian," France, 38, explained. "I want him to eat our food as some of his first food (and) I want to instill the discipline we have in our culture."

France, who was born Tanveer Wasim Safdar, was raised by Muslim Pakistanti parents, who emigrated from their home country to England. In a 2018 interview with PopBuzz, France said said coming out to his family was difficult, but his role on "Queer Eye" helped them find acceptance.

France credits his own parents and siblings as his parenting role models.

"My siblings have raised their children the way our parents raised us and I love who they've become," he said. "My biggest hope is that he's kind, and that he's healthy."

While the couple waits to welcome their newborn in "just a few weeks," France is already planning his dad wardrobe.

"I'm probably just going to wear jeans and a T-shirt," France, who recently became a spokesperson for 'The Now Me' campaign, which is spreading awareness of eczema with its white T-shirt symbol. "He's probably going to puke or poop on it every five minutes. I might as well keep it easy, I'm not going to wear anything fancy. There's no point, it will get ruined."

Tan France in white T-shirt for "The Now Me" program for people with moderate-to-severe eczema
"The Now Me" is a program to help empower people with moderate-to-severe eczema to feel comfortable with their own skin.The Now Me

Don't expect anything elaborate for baby France, either.

"I am all about practicality when it comes to how we are going to raise this baby, and that spills into how we are going to dress him which is very practically," France shared.

As far as classic dad outfits, France said that cargo shorts and socks with sandals were definitely out, but he has a soft spot for one particular style.

"I love a tube sock," France said. "I've been wearing tube socks for years. And it's not just for dads; every young person wears a tube sock now."