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Birds and bees talk got your family buzzing? The 'Puberty Lady' is here to help

The 'Puberty Lady' helps shape the birds and bees conversation between parents and their children.
/ Source: TODAY

Sitting down to talk to your children about the birds and the bees can be tough. But registered nurse Julie Metzger is helping shape the conversation between preteens and adults, and make that lesson slightly less awkward for everyone.

Metzger, known as the "Puberty Lady," teaches a puberty and sexuality class in Seattle two nights a week. The class is an outsourced sex talk that kids and parents take together, where Metzger breaks down all the necessary information. During even the most sensitive topics reached in Metzger's classes, parents sit side-by-side with their children, allowing kids to learn and parents to observe comfortably.

In Seattle, the classes are extremely popular and fill up quickly. Parents like Jane Clayton are enthusiastic to enroll their children in Metzger's classes because she knows the importance of what information they'll take away.

"Julie's going to tell you straight and Julie's going to tell you the truth and that's where I want my kids to start so that's why I take them," she said.

No questions are off limits in her sessions, either. Anything and everything is encouraged, always with a good sense of humor.

Her way of conducting the class makes for at atmosphere in which she hopes girls ages 10-12 will feel comfortable. Metzger has come to recognize that lessons have become equally important for moms and kids alike.

Woman giving Birds & Bees talks
Woman giving Birds & Bees talksTODAY

On her website, Metzger writes: "I realized about 14 years ago that this is actually all about the moms. I think I’m giving them permission to laugh about these topics or talk more loosely about them. I’m giving them language and a tone to use, and I’m creating an openness to the topic. The girls totally benefit. But the people who walk away most transformed are the parents."

They get as much out of it as their children, and with that, Metzger is instilling important life lessons within all those that attend.