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This surf swing is a genius way to keep kids busy all day long

Get ready to hang 10 in your backyard!
Surfing swing
Found: The perfect swing for both adults and kids!SWURFER
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, soaring around on a swing can provide hours of endless fun. And now, one of our favorite childhood pastimes just got an exciting upgrade.

There's a new swing in town called Swurfer, and it combines two entertaining activities in one totally rad product: surfing and swinging. Unlike traditional swings you sit down on, Swurfer is actually meant for standing and lets you practice your surf moves in the comfort of your backyard.

Swurfer: The Original Stand Up Swing, $130, Amazon

So basically, all those times you bucked tradition and stood up on your swing as a child have been leading up to this moment, folks.

The curved maple wood board comes complete with adjustable handles (to help you safely hang ten) and a UV and mildew-resistant rope. The sturdy board measures 33 inches by 10 inches, and can support up to 200 pounds — which means adults can join in on the fun, too!

Swurfer's curved shape is engineered for "more power, stability, and a wider range of motions," according to the product description, and is best for kiddos age 6 and up.

Aside from being fun, Swurfer also provides you with a pretty sweet workout, improving core body strength and balance, and toning your legs and arms.

For those times when you're too tired to "surf," you can also sit down and swing as you would with any normal swing.

It's well reviewed

While it's not technically new (it's been around for a few years), we just discovered the swing after it was written up by Best Products. It's so popular that it's currently sold out at Target and has received a rating of 4.4 stars from 109 customer reviews on Amazon, so it's fair to say it's a hit.

Shoppers love the board for its strong construction and its creative design. "It is constructed so well and I can see it will last years even staying outside all the time," one shopper wrote.

Another shopper wrote, "My two sons (8 & 5) love this. Installation was easy after watching the video and they don't stop swinging. Highly recommended for kids that need to get some energy out and have fun."

Is Swurfer safe?

When used properly, Swurfer can be a great addition to your backyard. It's important to keep in mind that adult supervision is advised when using the swing, and you'll want to follow some common safety practices before using your rad new surfing swing:

  • Hang your Swurfer from a sturdy tree. Make sure the branch is healthy and strong.
  • Make sure you create plenty of distance between the tree trunk and where you hang your Swurfer so you have enough room to swing.
  • Hang your swing from a branch that is at least 8 feet off the ground and follow the guidelines provided by the company here.
  • Don't have a tree in the backyard? You can still hang your Swurfer from a porch, rafter or a swing set, so there are plenty of options depending on the setup of your backyard!
  • Want more grip? Purchase SwurfGrip traction pads.
  • Of course, you can sit down on your Swurfer, but it kind of defeats the purpose, since this neat swing

Want more info on how to safely install your Swurfer? Check out the brand's tips here.

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