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Surprise! We're parents! Video captures reactions of family meeting new baby

The video could be a Publisher's Clearing House ad, filled with unsuspecting people opening doors to be greeted with mysterious good news.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

The video is filled with unsuspecting people opening their doors to be greeted with mysterious good news, news that makes them smile and cry out with delight.

But this is no Publisher's Clearing House commercial. There's no giant prop check, no balloons. Instead, we eventually see the prize that's making everyone so happy: an adorable baby girl and her proud mother, being hugged and kissed and cooed over by family.

Lacey and Banks Farris had a long, hard road to parenthood that included infertility, miscarriage, and a near-adoption that ended when the birth mother decided to keep her baby. They decided to keep their latest adoption attempt private until it was for sure, they told People magazine.

Once it was, and baby daughter Finley was part of their family, the Farris' extended family met their new relative in a series of surprise visits.

"Our families were both blown away at us actually successfully adopting a baby after so many struggles," Banks Farris told TODAY Parents. "We made the movie for her to show her one day how loved she is and how excited so many people were to meet her."

It's not everyone who will someday be able to watch a video showing the first time she met her close family members, but baby Finley has that gift waiting for her.