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Superintendent brings smiles with his Justin Timberlake-inspired snow day song

The message of the song was a welcome relief to teachers and students overwhelmed by pandemic learning.
/ Source: TODAY

This school year has been like no other. So when a winter storm blanketed New England, Rydell Harrison, superintendent of the Easton-Redding-Region 9 district in Connecticut, announced a snow day befitting of pandemic learning. In a YouTube video, Harrison reimagined the lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and belted them out while enjoying some winter fun — without screens.

“I got this feeling, it’s gonna snow. The sky is gray and it is really, really cold. All throughout Easton and Redding, too, the snow is falling you know what to do,” he sings. “Get your hat and grab your jacket, get those boots upon your feet. Feel that chill deep in your body when the wind blows.”

In the video, Harrison shows off his winter gear, including a puffy orange coat and a hat, while trudging through the woods, sitting by the fire and definitely not doing schoolwork. The lyrics encourage students to take advantage of the weather and have some outdoor fun on the district's first snow day.

“Close up that computer ’cause it’s a snow, snow, snow day. We will not be zooming ’cause it’s a snow, snow day,” he sings. “Build a fort or an angel ’cause it’s a snow, snow, snow day. Ain’t nobody rushing you, it’s a snow day.”

He also suggests toasty indoor winter activities to spark a second wind for chilled students.

“Ooh it’s something magical. Beside the fireplace drinking my cocoa. No longer freezing down in my soul. I’ll zip back up and I’ll head back into the snow.”

Harrison shared the video on Twitter with a message to the district.

“Wishing a happy snow day to my ER9 family and all my colleagues who need a well-deserved break,” he wrote.

Followers loved the video, showing that families and teachers craved something whimsical during this unusual and stressful school year.

“Our son loved seeing his superintendent’s talent and fun personality this morning. Thank you,” one parent shared.

Another person wrote:

“Dr. Harrison, you have once again thrown down the gauntlet for Singing Superintendent Snow Day videos.”

The video seemed to encourage some to take advantage of the wintery wonderland.

“Just the inspiration I needed to get out there and enjoy the day! (well, maybe after just one more cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows).”