Submit a photo for the TODAY Parenting Team's Q & A!

We need your help with a photo for the Question & Answer page! Right now we have this super-groovy stock art photo of women pushing strollers. They're all smiling and well-groomed and wearing soft pastels. The mom on the right even coordinated the colors of her shopping bags to match her sweater and the inside of her daughter's stroller... you know, like we all do.

We'd love to replace this image of stock perfection with a real-life photo from one of you, our community members. I'm looking for something that says "I need help!" or "I have answers!" or "Parenting is a glorious community of helpful people who never offer unsolicited advice while my child is shrieking in the checkout line at Target!"

So... give us your best (snap)shot. Submit your photo with a short description and we'll choose one to feature. It may be used on and on the TODAY broadcast. Thank you!