We bet you can't watch these Subaru commercials without crying (but maybe we're just hormonal?) / Today
Subaru Commercials Make Us Cry

Curses to you, Subaru. There's enough in life that makes us cry—now, we have to explain to our kids why we can't help but burst into tears at a freaking car commercial.

In a new ad spot, the car manufacturer features a dad putting his young daughter on the school bus for the first time. (Watch it below—we're tearing up again just thinking about it.) "Excited for your first day?" the self-proclaimed over-protective pop tells his curly-haired darling. "You'll be fine, okay? You look so pretty. I love you."

Both dad and daughter look nervous, and dad drives alongside the yellow bus, fighting for a glimpse of his little girl. Yes! She's sitting with another little girl! She's laughing! Of course, we're bawling.

Pair that one with the Subaru ad showing a dad giving pointers to his teen daughter, picturing her as a toddler, or the one where the baby puppy-turned-faithful-dog commercial, and we're a blubbering mess. The company's new tagline? Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

Well, we're certainly smitten.

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