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Stormi weather: New Kardashian baby name brings the thunder

Kylie Jenner's just-announced baby name follows the Kardashian tradition of word names with attitude.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Ready for the perfect storm? Kylie Jenner, 20, gave birth to a daughter with rapper Travis Scott on Feb. 1. On Feb. 6, she announced their daughter's name on Instagram. Meet Stormi Webster. (Webster is Stormi's dad's birth last name, while Travis Scott is his stage name.)

Kylie's daughter's creative name fits with some of the previous Kreatively Kurrent Kardashian Kid names, including Reign, North, Saint, Chicago and Dream, although two of Kourtney Kardashian's three children, Penelope and Mason, have more traditional names.

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"The Kardashians have a new family baby-name theme in word names, which I think all the names beyond Penelope and Mason have fallen into," said Pamela Redmond Satan, co-creator of baby-name site Nameberry.

While Stormi isn't your standard baby name, it's been making headlines lately with a slightly different spelling, thanks to adult film star Stormy Daniels (born Stephanie Gregory Clifford).

But it's not as rare a name as some may think.

"Stormi is a funny choice in that it's not exactly a hot new name," Satran says. "There were baby girl Stormis on the books in the U.S. 50 years ago.

If you're the type who enjoys categorizing names, Stormi can be sorted into a bunch of different boxes.

"Stormi relates to both weather/nature names as well as what are known as Attitude Names," Satran says. "We call them Bad Boy Names here, but have a newer list of Attitude Names for Girls, to which Stormi is a fresh addition."

"Attitude Names" is an appealing development in the name world for many, as plenty of babies fresh out of the womb land a tough-girl or -guy label.

"I never heard the term Attitude Names until a few years ago, but it's getting to be a big thing, with names like Rebel and Rogue and Breaker and Wilder and, yeah, Stormi moving up the ranks," Satran says. "These names are both cool and tough. They're the black leather jackets, the neck tattoos of baby names."

Some may be wary of the name Stormi, because despite its hip sound, storms are often disastrous.

"Stormi relates to a troubled relationship, unsettled weather, emotional instability — not aspirational images," Satran says. "But Kylie is a young mom and she's trying to make her individual private choices that are best for her and her baby, which is the goal for all new parents. And a child named Stormi will be loved as much as one named Sophia."