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'Star Wars'-themed pregnancy announcement is slightly ominous, still cute

May the Force be with them!
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Ariel David Brenman is a huge "Star Wars" fan. His wife, Hannah Goodman Brenman, is less so — "to put it mildly," Ariel told TODAY Parents.

But Hannah, 27, is a really good sport, and that's why when the New York couple found out they were expecting their first baby and determined the due date would be in December — when "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is to also be released — they decided a "Star Wars"-themed pregnancy announcement was required.

When they found out their baby is expected the same month as the next "Star Wars" installment, Ariel and Hannah Brenman knew they had to have an appropriately-themed pregnancy announcement.Ariel David Brenman

"The week we found out Hannah was pregnant, I discovered the Kylo Ren helmet on clearance," said Ariel, 30. "This seemed like a fun, silly way to break the news."

The Brenmans had to buy the Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes from Etsy and Amazon, respectively, to complete their announcement theme. "We're actually not huge on dressing up or buying costumes," said Ariel, "So now that we have these at the ready, I have a feeling we won't be dressing as anything else for a long, long time."

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Ariel's brother posted a picture of the announcement on Reddit in the "Star Wars" Subreddit, where it went viral and garnered more than 18,000 points and 300 comments.

The reaction from friends and families has been similarly enthusiastic. "Our friends have been overwhelmingly supportive and have really enjoyed the announcement," said Ariel. "Responses have ranged from 'best announcement ever' to 'just, wow.'

"I think we nailed the heartwarmingly cringeworthy mark pretty well."

Of course — spoiler alert — Han and Leia's child grows up to kill his father. Here's hoping the Brenmans' little one will stick to the light side of the Force.

Expectant father Ariel Brenman said their child will have something better than the Force: his wife, Hannah, who he says is "going to be an awesome mom."Ariel David Brenman

According to Ariel, the newest Jedi in the Brenman home will have something better than the Force on their side: his wife, Hannah.

"My wife is incredible," said Ariel. "She's a New York City public school teacher and works long, hard hours teaching kids all day, only to return to the 'big kid' at home — me. I'm lucky to be with someone who will put up with and participate in my shenanigans. She's going to be an awesome mom."