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St. Louis doctor — and dad to triplets — delivers 3 sets of triplets nearly back-to-back

Dr. Michael Paul, who is a stepfather to triplets, recently delivered three sets of triplets within weeks of each other.
/ Source: TODAY

Dr. Michael Paul is often surrounded by multiples — at home, and now at work, where he recently delivered three sets of triplets within weeks of each other.

"We have triplet pregnancies come through the practice, but this happened to be a bunch of them all together," Paul, head of maternal-fetal medicine at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, told TODAY. "We were quite excited."

The babies were all born healthy at the end of last year. Paul delivered the first set of triplets on Nov. 2, the second set on Nov. 26 and the third set on Dec. 16.

Three sets of triplets delivered by St. Louis doctor
Dr. Michael Paul with the three sets of triplets he delivered at the end of 2016. Chris Malacarne

"It's a bit of a miracle to be able to say, jeez, nobody has a problem," he said. "These high-risk pregnancies all delivered successfully."

To mark the special occasion, Paul posed for an adorable photo with the triplets — all nine of them, "enough to make a baseball team," he said. The babies, eight boys and one girl, were all wearing St. Louis Cardinals onesies.

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"We just thought, what a perfect opportunity with opening day (of baseball season)," said Rachel Kraby, a spokesperson for the hospital who helped arrange the photo shoot. "We're such a baseball town, and there's one for every position."

The moms didn't know each other before their pregnancies, but became pals at the hospital, Paul said.

And now, they're all learning what it means to parent triplets.

Three sets of triplets delivered by St. Louis doctor
The babies represented their hometown St. Louis in their Cardinals onesies. Chris Malacarne

"They're certainly discovering how much work it can be to have three children all at the same age," Paul said. "There is never a quiet moment in the household for these families."

"They communicate with each other on a regular basis," he added. "They're all going through the same things a few days or weeks behind each other, the same milestones."

Paul would know — he's a stepfather to triplets, children from his wife's previous marriage, and he also has twins. In total, he and his wife have eight children.

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"It's a lot of work, but well worth it," he said.

Surprisingly, it’s not the first time Paul has been able to make a baseball reference at work.

"One other time in my career, we hit for the cycle and delivered four pregnancies within 24 hours — a singleton, twins, triplets and quads," he said. "That was about 20 years ago. It's an unusual accomplishment."