Spring has sprung, and we have the cute kid photos to prove it

Spring arrives differently depending on where you live. In Florida, you may be splashing in the pool; in Alaska, hunting Easter eggs in deep snow; and in Seattle, the university's cherry blossoms are ablaze with color.

Back on the first day of spring, we asked TODAY readers from all regions to share their springtime snapshots with us. You delivered — and here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Hiding from spring in Indiana

Valerie Watson
"Under that blanket is my 7 year old daughter. She was enjoying 'spring' in Indiana at her sister's outdoor softball tournie." --Valerie Watson

2. Egg hunting in Alaska

Ellen Thomas Powers
"This is yesterday, a picture of my son picking up Easter eggs while it's snowing. We live in Alaska, and unfortunately spring usually means more snow... We just have to wait a little longer." --Ellen Thomas Powers

3. Florida, the sunshine state

Christine Erdman Beckwith
"First day of spring in Florida!!!" --Christine Erdman Beckwith

4. Flowers in Dallas

Manjeet Schultz
"For my baby girl it's fun times with Mommy at the park. Spring time in Dallas is just beautiful!" --Manjeet Schultz

5. Birthday snow in Ohio

Tara Mulhall
"Sad there's snow on the first day of spring and on her 4th birthday!" --Tara Mulhall

6. Dreaming of warmth in New Jersey

Jessica Violand
"It's pretty cold here in NJ but we're trying on summer clothes and getting ready for the big first birthday in 2 months!" --Jessica Violand

7. Cherry blossom time in Seattle

Danielle Campoamor
"Celebrating spring in Seattle at the University of Washington's cherry blossoms!" --Danielle Campoamor

8. Wearing a watermelon in Pennsylvania

Meghan Gerhardt Wismer
"Here is our Charlotte at age 4 in her watermelon hat!" --Meghan Gerhardt Wismer

9. Irish eyes are smiling in Buffalo

Mgo Ovs
"Spring in Buffalo, NY means St. Patrick's day parade!" --Mgo Ovs

10. Worm-hunting in Ohio

Katie Helton Sandlin
"Digging for worms!" --Katie Helton Sandlin