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Son pranks traveling mom with 'welcome home from prison' sign at airport

Barbara Nielsen was arriving home from a business trip when her 4-year-old son showed up at the airport with a very funny sign.
/ Source: TODAY

Even moms can appreciate a good prank by their kids every once in a while!

Just ask Barbara Nielsen, whose 4-year-old son, Daimen, pulled a fast one on her at the airport with the help of her clever husband, Brandon.

Four-year-old Damien didn't know what the sign actually read, said mom Barbara, but he was just happy to be holding something at the airport when she came home from her trip.Jessica MsJae Williams/Facebook

The Muldrow, Oklahoma, native had been traveling to Michigan on a business trip and was making her way back home, excited to be greeted by her family. When she landed at Fort Smith Regional Airport in Arkansas, Barbara was met by her son, who was holding a big, yet quite surprising, cardboard sign. It read: "Welcome home from prison, Mom!"

"I was on two flights that day and both got delayed," Barbara told TODAY Parents. "I landed at about six o'clock, and I told my husband, 'Make sure you have my baby there.' I didn't want him breaking any TSA rules if he was running around! So I get there, and I see my husband, but not yet my son. So I turn the corner, and I see him (with the sign)."

Barbara shared the silly anecdote on her Facebook page, posting a photo of little Damien holding up the cardboard sign in the luggage area. One of her pals also shared Barbara's story and photo in her own Facebook status, which quickly went viral, garnering nearly 150,000 shares as of Tuesday.

Barbara told TODAY Parents that everyone around them at the airport was smiling and giggling.

"(Damien) was holding (the sign) with a huge and beautiful smile," she added. "But he has no idea what it says! He was just happy to be holding something. Of course, I gave him a big ol' hug. And my husband is laughing and rolling."

Dad and kid: 1. Mom: 0. (But worth it.)