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Snoop Dogg is all of us sitting in his car listening to 'Let It Go'

... and Idina Menzel's response was on point.
/ Source: TODAY

Raise your hand if you now call sitting in your car alone in your driveway a "vacation."

Rapper and producer Snoop Dogg feels our pain. In fact, he posted a video of himself on Instagram sitting in his car and listening to "Let It Go," the iconic theme song from "Frozen," and it pretty much sums up how many of us feel after nine weeks at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the first familiar notes begin to play, you just see the top of Snoop Dogg's hoodie and his eyes peering into frame, but as the song ramps up and Idina Menzel's Queen Elsa sings, "Be the good girl you always have to be," he shows his whole face.

Snoop Dogg holds his blank expression for a few minutes before breaking into a wide smile and a chuckle.

"I had to come sit in my car and listen to this s**t, man," he says as he leans his head back and closes his eyes. "Let it go."

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As the song continues, Snoop Dogg shakes his head to the music. "Let it go," he repeats. "We'll be outside soon."

The video has amassed well over a million views in the past week.

Idina Menzel responded to Snoop Dogg, posting a video on Twitter of herself sitting in her own car, jamming to his 2004 hit "Drop It Like It's Hot."

"We're all going to get out of this soon," Menzel says. "Like you said, Snoop, drop it like it's hot.

"... or hard. I always thought it was 'drop it like it's hard,' but it's 'drop it like it's hot,' apparently," she added.

Menzel's video has over 571,000 views on Twitter.

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The past few months of quarantine and coronavirus stress have left everyone on edge, fo shizzle. Time to do as Snoop Dogg and Elsa do and let it go.

We will be outside again soon.