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'SNL' alum Abby Elliott expecting 1st child with husband Billy Kennedy

Congratulations are in order!
/ Source: TODAY

Abby Elliott is celebrating her wedding anniversary with a very special announcement: the "Saturday Night Live" alum is expecting her first child with husband Billy Kennedy!

Elliott, 33, shared a selfie on Instagram with her husband paired with a caption extolling the good news. There was also a photo of her baby bump as well.

"Happy 4 Years my love! Here’s to many more wonderful adventures with you— the greatest one of all coming next month❤️," she captioned the sweet post.

Her good news was confirmed by TODAY.

Zooey Deschanel simply commented, "Yay!"

"The greatest (adventure) of all coming next month."

"Schitt's Creek" star Dan Levy was excited by the news as well, commenting, "OMG! 🥰🥰🥰"

Earlier this year, Elliott opened up to Kelly Clarkson on her show about how she and her husband were trying to have a baby via IVF treatments. The "Indebted" star joked that her Valentine's Day would be "very romantic" because Kennedy would have to give her hormone "shots in (her) butt."

"The hormones are very intense, and so many people go through this and we don't talk about it enough, I think, as women," Elliot, who is the daughter of actor and comedian Chris Elliott, said. "We need to raise more understanding and awareness."

"That's why I was so happy you wanted to talk about this today," Clarkson, a mom of two, responded. "I have had friends who felt serious depression, felt shame, tried everything under the sun. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and you need science to help move it along."

After her appearance on the show, Elliott - who previously shared that she and her husband had frozen five embryos — offered an inspiring message to anyone experiencing similar challenges.

"This is an emotionally difficult process but in my case talking about it and hearing other people's stories has made me feel less alone," she wrote. "To anyone going through infertility, you are so strong.❤️"