Sleepy toddler can barely stay awake for his chocolate mousse

/ Source: TODAY

The struggle is real for this toddler who really wants to finish all of his chocolate mousse but can barely keep his eyes open long enough to bring a spoon up to his mouth.

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The adorable clip opens with a little boy — identified as Ben in the caption — eyeing his chocolate, determined to finish every last bit but intimidated by the sheer prospect of lifting the spoon — which, in the video, appears to be as heavy as Ben's eyelids.

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After one more taste, Ben pauses to regroup, and with a heavy sigh, takes one last lick of chocolate. Alas, that final taste proves to be his last for the night, as Ben drops his spoon and promptly falls asleep.

Ben, we salute your chocolate-finishing efforts and understand that sometimes, sleep just wins.

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