Sleeping beauties: TODAY's Babies of the Week

Sleeping babies are just the best. So cute. So quiet. So....asleep.


Each week, we ask readers to submit photos of babies to our TODAY's Babies of the Week contest. We also ask for advice from new parents and, no surprise, plenty of people discuss sleep, whether it's for babies or parents.

This week, Katrinna Stroh and Paul McLoud, parents of Ryder Wayne McLoud, born March 3, advise: “Nap whenever you get a chance and warm up the wipes to reduce the shrill screams.” 

Hadley and Ryan Bohn, parents of Warner James Jarris Bohn, born Feb 19, say: “Sleep when your baby sleeps; and cherish every moment – even on the tough days.”

Meanwhile, Cherrelle Horton and Trevon Howard have some pre-baby advice. “Get plenty of rest before your child gets here, ” say the parents of Iviona Elise Howard, born Feb. 26. 

Each week, Kathie Lee and Hoda select a few JOHNSON'S Babies of the Week to be featured on TODAY. And because your kids are way too sweet to stop there, we choose more little ones to grace our online gallery. 

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And here are more babies. This week we chose 13 sleepy sweeties —congratulations to all the new parents!