Six parenting “firsts” every mom can appreciate


First tooth, first steps, first haircut—as a parent, you want to soak up and commemorate each one of baby’s milestones. But there are some sweet just-for-you moments worth savoring, too. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked some moms to share their most magical parenting “firsts.” 

First belly laugh

For Alicia Hall of Tacoma, Washington, hearing her 4-month-old twin girls laugh for the first time was the most amazing, joyful and emotional moment of her life. “My little humans were experiencing the world as conscious members of this planet,” she said. 

First “I love you”

Is there anything more special than hearing your child say, “I love you”? Just ask Nicole Rapisardi of Jenison, Michigan, who counts the first time her 3-year-old son, Ryan, said those three little words as her favorite parenting “first.”

First lesson learned

Seeing her 2-year-old son, Milo, creatively express himself holds special meaning to Los Angeles painter Stacie Krajchir. So it was a “super delicious” first for her when she taught him his first shape. “I drew a bunch of circles in bubbles on the bathroom tiles and then took his hand and traced them. Thirty seconds after I let go, he drew one on his own and said ‘circle,’” she said. ”It made me feel so overwhelmingly content, warm and joyous.”

First full night of sleep

Holly Rodriguez of Richmond, Virginia, woke up feeling well rested, a first since her 10-month-old son was born. But that calm feeling was quickly replaced with sheer panic when she realized he was sleeping much longer than his usual four hours. “I ran into my son’s bedroom and rushed to the side of his crib to check on him. I’m so neurotic!” she said. “My husband and I still laugh about it.”

First peaceful playdate

Holly Klaassen’s son was a fussy baby who needed almost constant holding, carrying, bouncing, distracting and entertaining. Shortly after his first birthday, the Vancouver, British Columbia, mom remembers Sammy crawling to visit his 3-year-old sister. “For the next hour they played peacefully, without my help or involvement. I barely knew what to do with myself,” she said. “Six years later I still look back at that ‘Mommy first’ as a turning point.”

First time running errands without a child

When Covington, Kentucky, mom Star Staubach’s newborn son was five weeks old, she slipped out to the grocery store while he was napping soundly at home with Daddy. “I know the exact time and date of this grocery excursion because I shared my joy of shopping kid-free on social media,” she said. “That post reached thousands! I knew other mothers could relate to the mini-vacation in the grocery store.”