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Sisters surprise each other with back-to-back pregnancy reveals

/ Source: TODAY

Tara Brough had a surprise in store for her sister, but the secret resulted in a sweet shock for herself.

Brough, who video blogs about her family through her YouTube channel, planned to reveal news that she was pregnant with her third child by having her sister discover a “bun in the oven.”

The news brought plenty of laughter — but mainly over the fact that her sister, Carly Walton, kept stumbling over the correct wording of the expression.

“It was pretty funny, but she was so excited for us,” Brough told TODAY. “And then she flipped it on me and just totally floored me with her news.”

Walton was expecting a baby, too. It's her first.

She broke the news as Brough described her visit to the doctor's office for a sonogram.

“Yeah, when we went to our first appointment last week, it kind of was like that, too,” Walton tells her sister in a video of the double pregnancy reveal.

Brough immediately caught on — and began freaking out with joy.

A pregnant Tara Brough reacts to news that her big sister, Carly Walton, is also expecting. YouTube

“What? No way. No way!” she screams, before jumping up and down. “I didn’t know it, but I wanted to know it!”

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Walton, 28, told TODAY she suspected that Brough, 26, was pregnant after noticing she had been sick, but didn’t want to ask in case her sister had a plan to share the news.

Tara and Carly as kidsCourtesy of the Porter Family.

She hadn't expected to reveal her own pregnancy for a few more weeks, but took advantage of the timing when her sister shared her good news last month.

“I was so, so happy because I knew we’d have little kids the same age,” Walton said. “She had already had two kids and I didn’t want her to have another without us having one."


Walton and Brough, the oldest of three girls and who have two older brothers, have always had a tight relationship. They even roomed together while they overlapped attendance at Berklee College of Music.

"She and I are the closest in age," Walton said. "We were both single, dating at the same time, but she actually got married while I was serving a mission for our church, and so I wasn’t able to be at her wedding and that was tough."

Brough, who has a son and a daughter, is having another boy. She's due at the end of January, while Walton, who is having a girl, is due 12 days later.

Carly and Tara, with the rest of their siblings as children.Courtesy of the Porter Family

At the time the sister revealed their pregnancies to each other, both lived in Mesa, Arizona. But Brough has since moved to Provo, Utah, where her husband is attending school. The two women remain in close contact through FaceTime, Instagram and, of course, Brough’s Youtube channel, where the double pregnancy announcement has received more than 600,000 views and dozens of comments.

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"We’re really fascinated at how much it’s been shared, but I think it's because the joy is so relatable," Walton said. "We've heard strangers say, 'This just makes me cry.'"

Brough agreed.

"I think people are excited about new babies. This is one of the joyful things in life, and we get to share that with people," she said. "People are finding it touching to see us share our happy news in a time and world where there is so much bad stuff going on right now."

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