This little girl covered her baby brother in diaper cream for a good reason

Courtesy of YouTube  / Today
Log, Bradley, Viral Video

It's a big sister's duty to protect her little brother from harm. So why is 3-year-old Lindsie Garvin (aka: Log) in "super big, huge trouble" after trying to help her brother Bradley avoid a sunburn?

Maybe because the tot slathered Bradley's face, legs and right arm with white, thick Desitin diaper cream instead of actual sunscreen!

“This pretended to be sun cream,” she replied when caught white-handed. As for Bradley, he couldn't help but don an adorable smile once he realized that he wasn't in trouble.

We have to hand it to Lindsie—she managed to keep her brother still, all while avoiding his eyes. Good job—but maybe have a grown up read the label next time!

Check out the priceless video below. 

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