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Adorable single dad sends date night outfit options to daughter and goes viral

"He is Twitter's single dad now, protect him at all costs."
/ Source: TODAY

Single dad Jeff Saville relies on his daughters Hannah, 22, Carli, 18, Jade, 16, and Mia, 14, to help him navigate the dating scene. For clothing questions, the 56-year-old from Texas typically turns to Carli.

“Carli is pretty good with fashion,” Jeff explained in an interview with the BBC.

So when Jeff couldn't decide on a shirt before a date, he texted Carli pictures of himself modeling two options. In the end, Jeff went rogue and paired his jeans with a red top. He'll have to wear it on another rendezvous, though, because in a heartbreaking twist, Jeff was stood up at the restaurant.

“My date finally replied to my texts and calls saying she was sorry, and that she just wanted to be my friend,” he told the BBC. “Obviously, I was disappointed. Dating is hard, but we all face rejection in our lives and you have to just carry on and hope the right person will be brought into your life.”

Carli told the Houston Chronicle her father was “really sad” about being friend-zoned but cheered up when she told him he was an internet celebrity. Unbeknownst to Jeff, Carli had shared his fashion show on Twitter, where it quickly went viral with more than 169,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Not to be dramatic or anything but I’d die for him!! He’s so precious," one person tweeted. Added another, "He deserves the world." Urged another, "Protect him at all costs."

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Many shared images of their dads trying on date night outfits, while others played matchmaker.

One woman wrote, “Carli, I think we need to set up our parents. My mom would never stand him up! She lives in Houston, she’s a similar age, and God and her family are the most important things to her!”

Jeff, who recently set up his own Twitter, is confident he will find his perfect match. “I am hopeful I will find love,” he told the BBC. “And I will treasure the day that happens.”

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