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Single dad shows what it's like raising young daughter in heartwarming comics

Single dads everywhere are no longer feeling so alone, thanks to Yannick Vicente's cartoons.
/ Source: TODAY

Single dads everywhere are no longer feeling so alone, thanks to Yannick Vicente's cartoons.

The French artist started illustrating his interactions with 4-year-old daughter Anaé shortly after she was born.

In the sweet, single-panel drawings, Vicente depicts the struggles many single dads face on a daily basis, from brushing her hair the right way to having the talk about the birds and the bees.

single dad cartoons
Anaé asking her dad how she was born in adorable cartoon.Courtesy of Yannick Vicente

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"I wanted to make these drawings for my daughter," Vicente, 31, told TODAY. "I hope she can see them later and realize how much I love her with all my heart."

While Anaé's mother lives nearby and is still involved in making decisions about important things such as her education, it's Vicente who is left with the daily tasks.

single dad cartoons
Yannick Vicente with his daughter Anaé.Courtesy of Thomas O'Brien

And although she's young, Anaé recognizes herself and her dad in the drawings.

She recently pointed out how he makes himself thinner than he is in real life.

Her favorite cartoon is one where her father is attempting to do her hair. "Don't worry daddy, it's not so bad," she tells him.

single dad cartoons
Vicente Yannick's cartoon depicting what it's like to do his daughter's hair.Courtesy of Yannick Vicente

"She laughs at this one because it's the absolute truth," Vicente said. "I struggled to learn how to do her hair."

Asked about his favorite cartoon, Vicente didn't have to think twice before picking one:

single dad cartoons
Yannick Vicente embracing his daughter's love in cartoon.Courtesy of Yannick Vicente

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"I like the sweetness of it," Vicente said. "I love her so much."

The self-taught artist has illustrated a few children's books since becoming a father. When he's not drawing, he's teaching students at a school in France.

single dad cartoons
Yannick Vicente's cartoon.Courtesy of Yannick Vicente

As for the hardest part about being a single dad? The organization!

"It's hard to keep up, but like everything it comes with experience," Vicente said. "I'm fortunate to have a wonderful girl that helps me with many things."