Simon Cowell's 3-year-old son steals spotlight on 'America's Got Talent' premiere

/ Source: TODAY

If Simon Cowell ever decides to step down from his duties on "America's Got Talent," he won't have to look very far to find his replacement.

The series co-creator, producer and judge brought his 3-year-old son, Eric, to the set of the talent competition for Tuesday night's season premiere, and the little guy proved he can hit the all-important buzzer just as good — and with just as much glee — as his dad.

Eric couldn't hide his love of "the scary buzzer" and pressed it repeatedly as his sat at the panel. "Are you trying to do my job?" Cowell asked.

Oh, yeah.

And this isn't the first time Eric's auditioned to follow in his father's footsteps. Just last month he made an appearance on "Britain's Got Talent," and boldly declared, "I am daddy's job now!" and "Let's do this!"

Despite the tyke's no-nonsense approach, he also showed a softer side by giving his father a big kiss.

As for Cowell, he's already convinced Eric has big talent when it comes to "Got Talent."

"He is a brilliant judge," the proud pop recently told Extra. "I watch him, and when he likes an act he’s normally right, and when an act’s a bit boring and he loses interest, he’s normally right. He loves pushing the buzzers. He’s got a real sense of it."