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Show me your gramp stamp: 5 tattoos for grandparents

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According to Grandparents.com, 10% of grandparents have a tattoo. One can assume that not all of them are ex-Marines or Hell’s Angels. Tattoos have become mainstream, even for the Golden Girls set. We don’t know when today’s grandparents acquired their body décor, but at a certain age, many of the standard cautions no longer apply. For example, maturity prevents some potentially regrettable design decisions. (Or, at least you live fewer years with “I heart Ron Paul” on your ankle.) A 2008 Harris poll revealed that tattoos make the people feel sexy, rebellious, and strong. I’m not sure what effect this would have on hip fractures, but I’m willing to keep an open mind.

Currently, I have zero tattoos. Call me conservative, but I don’t find them attractive on 40-something white women with collagen retention issues. Not to mention the challenge of committing to something I’d want to wear forever. However, I’m open to considering the upside.

Contenders for my granny tat:


Could be beneficial to have a visual reminder that good behavior may be rewarded in the afterlife. Then again, a devil might get me out of babysitting.

Lower back

Plenty of space for meaningful symbols, favorite poems, and detailed nursing care instructions.

Celtic crosses

The more the better. So the grandkids can color them in with markers.

Six-pack abs

I’m actually considering this one right now. Or possibly a full-on bikini body mural, like those T-shirts old women wear to the beach.

Grandchildren's names

A nice prompt in case I grow forgetful. Only troublesome if one of my children marries a Duggar. On second thought, maybe I’d better stick with a tattoo of my own name.

What tattoo would best represent your doting grandparent ways?

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