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Any mom of boys will get why Sheryl Crow is wearing an eye patch

Sheryl Crow via Instagram / Today
Sheryl Crow Wears an Eye Patch

Rocker Sheryl Crow recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram sporting an eye patch for a reason that I'm betting almost every mom of boys can relate to: the kid-inflicted injury.

"So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids... Someone has a good forehand! #mommyinjury" she wrote.

As People.com reported, there's no word on whether the errant tennis ball was hit by Wyatt, 6, or Levi, 3. But frankly, I wouldn't put it past her little guy.

As a mom of two boys myself, I can honestly say that the toddler stage is a prime time for the kid-infliced mommy injury. Just the other day, my 2-year-old gave me an unintentional head-butt that I was afraid would result in a black eye. (Can you say "ouchie"?) Toddler energy + lack of control = pain for Mom. And no, that's not limited to boys, but we're guessing that tea party injuries are less frequent! Because in addition to pee on the bathrom walls and penis obsession, mommy injuries are just a regular part of the day for moms of boys.

As it turns out, kids aren't the only ones who need a boo-boo kissed every now and then.

Erika Rasmusson Janes is a mom of two and writer. You can follow her at Google + and Twitter.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.