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Sheinelle explains why helping Dylan out with the kids was the 'best decision'

The 3rd hour of TODAY's Sheinelle Jones told Craig Melvin and Al Roker why she decided to cancel a work trip to help their co-host Dylan Dreyer.
/ Source: TODAY

When Dylan Dreyer was having a difficult week with her two sons, her 3rd hour of TODAY co-host Sheinelle Jones dropped everything to help her friend.

Dylan, who has been on maternity leave, called in to the 3rd hour Friday morning and got honest about her hectic time at home, saying newborn Oliver was "crying a lot," while 3-year-old Calvin was "acting out" and "kicking and screaming."

"This week is kind of a rock-bottom week," Dylan said.

On Monday morning, Sheinelle shared on-air that a work trip was canceled last minute, so she jetted over to Dylan's to lend her a hand.

"She was really honest about having a challenging week at home with the kids," Sheinelle told Al Roker and Craig Melvin.

Al mentioned that Sheinelle had canceled a shoot that day, a choice that Sheinelle called "the best decision."

"It felt like seeing Dylan, it was like it all came back to me," said Sheinelle, who has three children of her own. "You just need a friend sometimes. And Ollie was kind of gassy, so he was a little fussy, so when you're feeling frustrated, it's like a cluster. So, I came, I think I was a little calm."

On Friday, Sheinelle shared sweet photos of herself and a sleeping Oliver on Instagram, writing in a caption that Dylan was cooking dinner while "Auntie Sheinelle" was snuggling the newborn.

On Friday, Dylan told her co-hosts that her father-in-law was coming to visit to help out with the kids.

"I think we're calling in my father-in-law to come in this weekend, just for reinforcements," she said.

Al and Sheinelle both took a moment to credit the importance of "asking for help" when parenting gets tough.

"She called her dad, she called out to you," said Al, a dad of three. "That's what you gotta do."

"And the cavalry came running," joked Craig.