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'Wasn't me!' Watch Sheinelle interview her kids about broken gratitude jar

The TODAY co-host has narrowed down her list of suspects to one.
/ Source: TODAY

Sheinelle Jones is putting on her detective hat.

“Somebody broke my gratitude jar and no one said anything,” Sheinelle revealed in an Instagram video on Wednesday. “Anybody want to guess who broke the gratitude jar? You can guess. I’ll let you know. I’m about to go find out.”

The 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host captioned her post, “Mystery in my house. #whobrokeit.”

On Thursday’s show, Sheinelle shared a video of herself interviewing Kayin, 11, and 8-year-old twins Clara and Uche.

Clara is up first and blames Kayin because “he always plays volleyball in the house.” Clara then reminds her mom that “one time he broke the vase.”

But when Sheinelle calls up to Kayin, he denies any wrongdoing.

“It wasn’t me!” Kayin insists. “I could put it in the Bible that I wouldn’t.”

Uche wins for the cutest response.

“Mommy?” he asks. “What is a gratitude jar?”

Sheinelle has ruled out Uche as a suspect.

“I believe my little guy,” Sheinelle told Al Roker on Thursday. “I don’t think it was Clara. But I don’t know if it was Kayin.”

Al suggested that maybe it was Sheinelle’s husband, Uche Ojeh.

“I think it was him!” Sheinelle agreed. “He didn’t get back until late last night because he was traveling. Here’s another thing: I think it was him because there was no evidence.”

“I’m going with big Uche,” Al said.

“I think it was my husband,” Sheinelle nodded. “To be continued.”

Sheinelle opened up about her gratitude jar during a 2019 segment about raising grateful children.

"The other day I decided to open it up and take a look," she shared. "Clara is the only one who is participating!"