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Watch Shawn Johnson use weights to show her husband what pregnancy feels like

The couple are expecting their second child, a boy, this summer.

Shawn Johnson, who is expecting a baby boy this summer, could complain to her husband, Andrew East, about the challenges of being pregnant. But instead, the Olympic gymnast showed him.

“You’re gonna feel what it feels like to be pregnant,” Johnson, 29, explains in an Instagram video.

Johnson begins by securing a 14-pound ball to East’s stomach. Within seconds, he’s moaning about the extra weight. Note that The Centers for Disease Control recommends that women with a body mass index in the normal range (between 18.5 and 24.9) gain 25 to 35 pounds. East is only wearing an additional 14 pounds.

“I already feel it in my upper back and lower back,” East, 29, tells Johnson. “My quads are like fatigued already.”

Johnson then drops a toy on the floor and tells East to pick it up. East, a former long snapper for the Washington Redskins, struggles to complete the task.

Next, Johnson instructs East to lay down on their bed and then get back into a standing position. Once again, the 6-foot-2 athlete struggles.

“You gotta give me a hand!” he exclaims, to which Johnson replies, “the trick is to roll over.”

By the end of the clip, East has a whole new appreciation for his wife and what she endures on a daily basis.

“This is good,” he says. “This is building empathy.”

Fans wish Johnson could have taken it even further.

“No fair. He doesn’t get to feel his lungs practically choke him when he’s laying down flat. Also, is there a little organ kicker that can be implanted so he feels that fun too?” one person joked in the comments.

Added another, “He needs to do a day in the life with that thing strapped onto him.”

Several people noted that they wanted to see East carrying around his 18-month-old daughter, Drew, while wearing the 14-pound ball.

As one wrote, "Walk through a small area. Get in and out of the car. Carry Drew around. Do handstands like Shawn. Put shoes on!"