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Shawn Johnson shares optimistic update after pregnancy complications

"I feel like I could breathe for the first time in four weeks."
/ Source: TODAY

Shawn Johnson feels as though her prayers have been answered.

Earlier this week, the former Olympic gymnast opened up in an emotional video on her joint YouTube channel with her husband, Andrew East. She shared an update about her pregnancy, including a rare complication the couple learned about following her 20-week ultrasound appointment.

On Saturday, she and East posted a follow-up video to share good news with their friends and followers.

The 27-year-old revealed on "The East Family" channel that she had undergone genetic testing and the results came back all negative.

“It was negative for any chromosomal anomaly, which meant genetically our baby is healthy,” she explained.

Johnson said that she was in shock after receiving the results of the test, especially before she shared the good news with her family. In the video, Johnson shows a clip where she tells her dad and husband that the baby is healthy. The news earned a loud cheer from her husband and a long hug from her dad while they soaked in the good news.

“We were celebrating because there was so much fear that we felt like was relieved when we found out that the baby didn’t have the predicted complications,” East explained. “Not that we wouldn’t have been excited had they had complications to have a baby, but it definitely changes things.”

At the couple’s 24-week ultrasound appointment, Johnson expressed that she was nervous to go back and check up on any concerns with her baby, particularly with the baby's kidneys.

“Kidneys are a normal size, they said the baby is growing great,” East explained after the positive reaction from doctors at their follow-up appointment. “Doc said everything looks pretty good. No tears today.”

In the initial video, Johnson had revealed that at week 20 of her pregnancy, she had a two-vessel umbilical cord, which occurs in less than one percent of pregnancies. Instead of having two arteries and one vein running in the umbilical cord, she only has one artery and vein.

The mother-to-be explained that this condition is “super-rare.”

"There's the risk of stillbirth and the baby not making it to term and the baby not getting enough nutrients or having too much toxins in their body."

Johnson suffered a miscarriage at six weeks in October of 2017. She and East announced the heartbreaking news on their YouTube channel in a video, which showcased both her joy in finding out that she was pregnant and her devastation after finding out that she had miscarried only a few hours later.

The parents-to-be announced Johnson’s current pregnancy on Instagram and YouTube in April, sharing the happy news a year and a half after the miscarriage.

It’s been an emotional journey for the couple throughout their pregnancy journey, but we’re wishing them all the best!