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Shawn Johnson East, 38 weeks pregnant, ended up in the ER after 'freak accident'

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East, who is pregnant, posted on Instagram that she broke her big toe in an accident.
/ Source: TODAY

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East found herself in the emergency room Sunday night after breaking her big toe in a “freak accident.”

Johnson East — who is 38 weeks pregnant — posted to Instagram, writing “hahaha only me.” She noted that she and her baby are doing fine.

“Well, guys, we had a really eventful night,” she said in her Instagram story, before adding, “I dropped a piece of concrete on my foot.”

After protests in the background from her husband of three years, Andrew East, she clarified what happened.

“A piece of concrete fell on my foot because I was really excited about petting a dog,” she said. “I broke my big toe, like, just in half.”

East also posted about the incident, saying he could not believe his wife’s pain tolerance.

“We come in here and the doctor is pulling on it and he’s like, ‘Does that hurt?’ And she’s like, ‘Nope,’ and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Well, at least it’s just a bruise — the baby’s due in, like, two weeks,’” he said. “But I just got the X-rays back and that right there is the broken bone.”

Johnson East, 27, said she won’t be taking pain medications “because baby,” and will just be icing her toe.

“It’s gonna be a fun night of sleep,” she said.

She posted again on Monday, telling her fans not to worry.

“Guys, I’m great, I promise. ... It’s just a perfect excuse to chill out until baby comes,” she said.

In July, Johnson East opened up about a rare complication with her pregnancy. She posted an emotional video explaining she had a two-vessel umbilical cord, a condition in which there is one artery and one vein running in the umbilical cord, rather than two arteries and one vein.

Johnson East — who suffered a miscarriage in 2017 — later shared that she underwent genetic testing and that "it was negative for any chromosomal anomaly, which meant genetically our baby is healthy."

Johnson East won four medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, including one gold medal for her performance on the balance beam. She retired from the sport in 2012 due to a knee injury.